Metaal verontreinigingMetal contamination occurs in all types of packaging (boxes, bottles, jars, cans, pouchers, PE bags) and in all food industries. The type of metal and colour is not important. For example, stainless steel 304 or 316 can be observed equally well. Small aluminium contaminants are difficult for X-Ray in general (testing desirable). In contrast, we can detect projecting metal in aluminium cans, trays and/or coated packaging).

Food packaged in metal (tins) are by definition sensitive to metal contaminants. In the case of metal contamination, you should think mainly of small parts of machines and defective sifting. Producers with ingredients from the land also regularly have metal contamination in the product. The control of QA and operators is in such cases is desirable.

If an incident should occur the producer can continue production and submit the blocked products to ScreenTec for inspection. We then take over the entire control process for you. All this under the watchful eye of our FSSC22000 V5 certification.


Metal detection is performed by ScreenTec in a very efficient way. Our highly sensitive equipment (depending on the type of product and packaging) can detect metal parts from > Ø 0.5 mm (in the jar, bottle, can, bag or box). The reliability of our service is high; many of our customers regularly bring products for inspection. It saves valuable and expensive products and provides immediate profit. The alternative – destruction – costs a lot of money and production has to be done all over again.

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