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Do you have products, mainly foodstuffs, that you want to test for the presence of contaminants? When you are looking for experts to help you with this, contact the professionals at ScreenTec Inspections. With the help of extremely precise machines that have a very high detection rate, we ensure complete control. If necessary, we will tell you about the possibilities of not having to produce again. So feel free to contact us.
ScreenTec Inspections helps you to have your products checked

You will find a complete overview of our activities on the ScreenTec Inspections website. Checking your products is done in a professional, extremely secure manner with a flexible and diverse way of working. We do not sell any equipment ourselves and are completely independent. Our equipment and the control of your foodstuffs comply with modern legislation and ensure a reliable result. ScreenTec Inspections works on the basis of industry requirements such as ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP.
Feel free to contact us
ScreenTec Inspections helps you to have your products checked

ScreenTec Inspections is at your service if you want to have your foodstuffs checked for contamination. You will be well and professionally assisted by our experts. We use high-quality equipment of excellent quality. Call +31(0) 412 – 475 240 or send an email to

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